Dr Freakinstyle sculptures

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Fictional fossils

Fossils of fictional characters

Robit fossil Spongebob Wile E Coyote


Skulls for on the wall

Skull decorated Skull Delft Blue Scarface skull

Urban Scoundrels

Urban characters

Urban Scoundrels Traffic Cone Terrorist Golf Ball Snatcher

Small bone sculptures


Bone sculptures Christmas characters Suarez sculpture

2-dimensional sculptures

Sculptures for on the wall

Incorporated Wile E Coyote Ill Life

Freakinstyle characters

Resin casts

GoGo bird Dodo Cungo Stones Hom Rottey pimped

Mixed media

Different, medium to big sized sculptures

Fell racer bone sculpture Switchback Jack bone mountain biker Transformer sculpture

Fridge magnets

Bone based fridge magnets

Fridge magnets bone Easter fridge magnet fridge magnets sculpture