Street art by Dr. Freakinstyle

Bringing the bone back home! Check also myFanpage.

A small installation called 'Join forces'

Join forces

WWF duck:  DUCK!!


Taken in May: 'Easter has gone'.

Easter Manchester

Typical Dutch setting in Amsterdam.


The accountant: Left and right of the balance don't sum up?!


GoGo fossil in the street. See also my GoGo page.


Milcow in Liverpool.


Lady Slimer, the The lady slipper orchid turned into an old dirty man.

Eye Lid; Don't suck on his eyeballs, oeps someone already did!

Sensei dragon: Hard to the bone

The Leopard rabbit: Killed by a car racing from one city to another, this naieve rabbit joins the crew!


The left wing politician: Right wing is broken.

Moth: doesn't like day shifts.

Piranna: Anna the Piranha.... manna manna manna

Liverpool Amsterdam

The detached duck: Visualizing the gap between people and their connection with food and tradition. Looking a bit scruffy.

The fish spine: Adds a sweet smell.


The bird spine: It doesn't do precision bombing.


This is also about the theme 'Exit wounds', but using a different environment to display this theme. People are especially detached from nature in cities. For this purpose, the Doctor made some quick and small psychotic creations to arm himself when heading to the  town trails. Some of these will be left slightly hidden in the streets for 2 years or will be sold for £5. 

The creations are all pretty small.They all fit in a box of approximately 7 x 7 x 7 cm.