Commissioned art, sculptures

The Latest commissions are two GoGo birds, this time with a paintsyle based on butterflies (first two photos) and one decorated with a plastic mosaic.

GoGo bird Dodo x Roadrunner

GoGo GoGo

This is a Roe Buck skull of approximately a year old, probably hit by a car. Now it is a commissioned piece of art where Dr. Freakinstyle added some details about the owner in the Dutch ceramic paint style Delft blue.

Here are 10 GoGo commisions for a golf tournament. Victor made a smaller GoGo and fusing the legs into a golf tee, named TeeTee. Don't hit this birdie! 

Size TeeTee in cm: 5 x 5 x 8

A hot tempered Eyespresso in red and silver for somebody who wanted an Eyespresso that looked like his own espresso machine.

The PC cowboy. A custom made for Ralph Moorman., the writer of  'De hormoonfactor'. The figure is a crossover between a cactus and a cowboy.

This section is about work commissioned art.

Download the link below to make some skulls yourself! Have a A4 Fast food folder, download this file and print it on the folder....and go glueing and folding!