A pretty random creation. The doctors accident.

Size in cm: 10 x 10 x 8. Prices range from £40 to £70.

The Eyespresso Comic: Expressing the espresso making by painting the process in comic book style on it. £70

No milk please: £50

In the pictures below you see three different Eyespresso's. One painted in 'Delfts blauw' (Delfts blue £50); one with a more experimental version of 'Delfts blauw' with a grey background, red paint and less round shaped decorations (£30); the third is painted gnome style (Mocha dot £30).


This happens to the best

Creating things under pressure

Putting patience to the test

His mind in a blur

Needing a fix

Filling the espresso machine not with coffee

But with his special double Helix

This triggered new life accidentally

Now it managed to clone itself

Breeding like rabbits in spring

Too much of these on his shelf

They have an attitude like Kingpin

Approximately 95 Celsius

Not a fake

Character like the Vesuvius

They are on the take!