Another crossover by the Doctor: Pongo pygmaeus x cube = Cungo
Pongo pygmaeus, the official name for the Orangutan of Borneo.

Size in cm: 22 x 10 x 15

Prices range from £60 to £170

Cungo Caton: Another Cungo with stones as a spine. £90


Cungo Mosaic: A Cungo decorated with a new technique; mosaic. It is about the disconnected consumption of 'healthy'  products out of plastic bottles with bright colours. £110


plastic bottlesplastic bottles

Cungo Leck: The Cungo below has stones sticking out representing bones. £110 

Cungo Stones II: This Cungo has also stones, but the stones are a bit rougher. £90



Cungo Temple: A cungo shaped into a temple. £170

orangutanroman temple

roman temple

Cungo Stones: The first Cungo is mixed with stones to create a contrast between materials used. £90



Cungo Delft: This  Cungo is painted in the old Dutch paint style Delfts blauw. Traditionally, the Dutch make tiles with a saying on it; Victor did the same on the back of this Cungo. £60

Cungo Leopard: sold



Cungo badger: In this version below teeth from a badger were used to draw all the attention towards the face. A 'deeper' background was created by adding black while cloning. Especially the back of this figure has got a rough texture. £60




What is this creature

With 11ft posture

Slicing up forestry machines

Mankind is filling their latrines

No wood or palm oil

He turns Borneo in turmoil

The world once danced

Until he was artificially enhanced

Long left arm, knuckles of steel

After Orangutan’s appeal

From Freakinstyles lab born

The palm oil industry in mourn